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The FairVote Web site is currently being updated for the 2006 general election!

Please check back for new information and features.  –  last updated: August 9, 2006


New procedures for voting in some counties!

The following counties are among those using
“voting centers” in 2006! 

Adams |  Denver | Douglas  | Mesa  | Teller    
(Call: 719-383-3000)

There is no more voting at precincts in these counties!  Your precinct will not have a polling place as in the past.  Even if you’ve voted at the same location for many years, you will now have to go to one of the new “voting centers” (or vote by absentee ballot or some other method). 

Learn More about Voting Centers

Learn About Ways to Vote:


Voting on Election Day      
Voting by Absentee Ballot      
What if I didn’t get my Absentee Ballot?
Electoral Roll Voting Early        
Provisional Ballots    



FairVoteColorado is a non-partisan organization committed to helping Coloradans exercise their right to vote.

The goals of FairVoteColorado.org are to work with other non-partisan organizations to:

  • monitor the 2006 primary and general elections;
  • identify the impact election laws have on Coloradan's right to vote;
  • provide clear and easy to understand information to Colorado voters about the rights and rules for the election;
  • be a resource to any Colorado voter who is not allowed to cast a ballot on Election Day;
  • employ all legal means to ensure that the ballot of every willing and eligible voter will be cast and counted on Election Day;
  • write a post-election report so the system can be changed if problems are identified

FairVote is not affiliated with any candidate
or election issue.

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Contact FairVoteColorado.org staff with questions or comments:

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Members of the press may contact:

Jenny Rose Flanagan
(303) 292-2163

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